If you think eating cannot make any significant differences on your health, then you are totally wrong.

Nowadays, cancer have become more frightening with a rising rate. Countless people are struggling with the tumors in their bodies and suffering. For the most common and wide accepted treatment, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy seem like the popular insurance people have. However, without exception, these methods are all tough and can easily make extra damage to the healthy parts.

But fortunately, as what many experiments have pointed out, having a diet consisting of these top anti-cancer food can really save your life!

Cruciferous vegetables [ANTI-CANCER]

Cruciferous vegetables anti-cancer

First of all, cruciferous vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, and kale, which are common in daily dishes are the best family of nutritional powerhouses. Thanks to their sulfur-containing compounds named sulforaphanes, these unique vegetables can boost body’s ability of fight off the cancer, killing cancer cells and removing cancer-causing substances at the same time. It’s proved through study that crucifers can help cure several types of cancers such as cancers of liver and bladder.

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