How E-Cigarettes Affect Life Insurance Rates

Finding life insurance policies can be difficult if you have pre-existing health conditions or if you are a smoker.

Even those who occasionally smoke or use e-cigarettes can regularly experience 2 to 5 times higher life insurance rates than non-smokers. Thankfully, there are life insurance companies that provide affordable life insurance rates for e-cig smokers and vapers.

Before we dive into the details of life insurance rates for e-cig smokers and where to find the best rates, let’s some time to answer some frequently asked questions about life insurance for smokers.

What are E-cigarettes?

Getting into electronic cigarettes is a popular habit today especially for people who want to reduce their reliance upon cigarette smoking. Roughly 10% of the population uses electronic cigarettes today.

What Are the Effects of E-cigarettes in the Body?

Vaping, or smoking electronic cigarettes, has generally been shown to pose less of a health hazard than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

Is vaping bad for your cardio?

Vaping is less harmful than smoking, but it does have a mild amount of nicotine in some cases. So, if you are vaping with nicotine, then your cardiovascular performance could suffer. 

Even vaping without nicotine can affect your cardiovascular performance, as it is inhaling vapor into your lungs that simply does not belong there.

What can e-cigs do to your lungs?

Currently, due to the lack of scientific studies on e-cigs and vaping, there is no evidence to substantiate vaping causes any health problems with your lungs. 

However, common sense would dictate that inhaling any form of smoke or vapor into your lungs over an extended period of time cannot be good for your lungs or respiratory health.

As a result, e-cigs and vaporizers are still considered to be a form of smoking in the eyes of life insurance companies.

Can vaping affect your heart?

There is also no scientific evidence that it hurts your heart either. However, common sense would also dictate that any inhalation of something other than oxygen over an extended period of time will affect your red blood cell levels and the oxygenation of your blood, which can put a strain on your heart over time.

Life insurance companies are not exactly the type to take unnecessary risks. As a result, this potential for heart problems as a result of smoking e-cigs and vaporizers regularly is factored into life insurance rates for e-cig smokers and vapers.

Do electronic cigarettes raise your blood pressure?

There is also currently no evidence that the use of electronic cigarettes will raise your blood pressure. However, once again, common sense and a quick look at the effects of smoking cigarettes on your blood pressure will quickly provide you with an accurate guestimate of how electronic cigarettes affect blood pressure.

Again, this is factored into risk classifications life insurance rates for e-cig smokers.

How Life Insurance Company View E-cigarette Smokers

Life insurance companies are starting to offer better ratings and lower premiums for people who use e-cigarettes compared to those who smoke traditional cigarettes.

Some life insurance companies will even place people under a non-smoking category if they only use electronic cigarettes. There are a handful that have made the switch and are offering customers lower “non-smoking” rates for their premiums if they use e-cigarettes, and many who offer smokers more favorable options altogether, but some companies still have rather strict underwriting policies.

E-cigarettes vs. Tobacco

When you use electronic cigarettes, you are inhaling vapor which is produced by heating liquids rather than inhaling smoke from burning tobacco.

While there are arguments that e-cigarettes and vapes are safe alternatives to smoking cigarettes, this claim has little to no backing due to lack of scientific research.

Because of the lack of research on vapes and e-cigs, most life insurance companies are still considering people smoking these new devices to be in the same risk classification as cigarette smokers.

While this may seem unfair because many people start smoking e-cigs and vapes in order to quit smoking cigarettes, it is important to remember that any type of smoke inhalation is damaging to the body.

Not to mention, many vapes and e-cig liquids contain equal or higher levels of nicotine as cigarettes. Even those with less or no nicotine content are still considered to be dangerous to health.

This makes sense when you consider that e-cigs and vape juice flavorings have been known to contain over 6,000 chemicals. Not to mention, this type of smoking involves superheating condensed vapors in the form of liquids with a viscosity similar to syrup using lead coils.

Lead is known to be linked to cancer and other diseases. On top of this, once this liquid turns to vapor in its excited state, naturally, it wants to expand. Once it has expanded, it cools and condenses back into liquid form in your lungs.

While this has not been directly correlated to any specific health condition yet due to lack of research, it has been postulated by many doctors and respected physicians that vaping and e-cig usage can cause popcorn lung and chronic bronchitis.

While smoking e-cigarettes may be a somewhat safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, it is by no means safe or harmless, and life insurance companies are very aware of this.

Is vaping healthier than cigarettes?

Cigarette smoke typically contains 69 carcinogenic compounds. The juices that are found in electronic cigarettes contain just five (as far as we know now). 

However, on average, the nicotine content of vapes are considerably higher than that of cigarettes. For instance, one cigarette contains about 9mg of nicotine, while one teaspoon of vape juice contains about 12mg.

There is, of course, the choice for vapers to decide exactly how much nicotine is contained in their juices. With levels ranging from 0mg of nicotine to 200mg in the typical 30mL to 60mL in e-liquids used for vaping.

Overall, vaping may be slightly healthier than smoking, but this has yet to be scientifically proven, and as a result, life insurance companies still classify vape smokers in the same risk class as cigarette smokers.

If e-cigarettes are used as a substitute for tobacco, do you qualify for non-smoker insurance rates?

In some cases, yes. Americo Life Insurance, for example, has their “Quit smoking” advantage whereby smokers are given the “non-smoker” rates for the first three years of their policy.

If, after 3 years, you have quit smoking, then you can continue paying the premiums at the start of the policy. If you have not quit smoking, you have the choice to keep the same amount of coverage but just pay more, or pay the same monthly premium and have your coverage decreased.

Most life insurance companies are sympathetic towards smokers who are trying to quit, and they offer lower life insurance rates to those who do. However, these lower rates are not usually available for smokers who have already applied for life insurance, until they have not smoked for 12 months or more (depending on the company).

Once you have quit for more than a year, with most life insurance companies, you can retake the medical examination in order to reclassify in a better health class.

Typically, this allows smokers who have quit to obtain life insurance rates that are within 10% or closer to non-smokers in the preferred health class, barring any other health complications.

Life Insurance Rates for E-cigarette Smokers vs. Non-Smokers

If you look at the two tables below you will see the price comparison for smokers versus non-smokers, which clearly indicates which of these policies are more financially favorable.


The life insurance rates below display monthly premiums for non-smokers in the preferred health class.

AgePolicy Type$100,000 Male$100,000 Female$500,000 Male$500,000 Female$1,000,000 Male$1,000,000 Female
2510 Year Term$7$6$13$12$21$18
2520 Year Term$9$8$19$16$33$27
2530 Year Term$12$11$31$24$52$42
25Whole Life$72$64$152$128$264$216
3010 Year Term$7$6$13$12$20$18
3020 Year Term$9$8$20$17$34$29
3030 Year Term$13$11$34$28$60$50
30Whole Life$72$64$160$136$272$232
3510 Year Term$7$7$14$13$22$20
3520 Year Term$9$8$22$19$39$33
3530 Year Term$14$12$39$33$70$59
35Whole Life$72$64$176$152$312$264
4010 Year Term$8$8$19$17$30$28
4020 Year Term$11$10$31$27$58$47
4030 Year Term$19$16$58$45$108$85
40Whole Life$88$80$248$216$464$376
4510 Year Term$11$10$30$26$50$44
4520 Year Term$17$14$52$41$95$75
4530 Year Term$26$21$89$68$171$130
45Whole Life$136$112$416$328$760$600
5010 Year Term$15$13$46$37$83$67
5020 Year Term$24$19$82$61$155$112
5030 Year Term$41$31$140$107$270$206
50Whole Life$209$165$682$484$1,287$902
5510 Year Term$20$18$76$55$141$101
5520 Year Term$36$27$133$97$255$181
5530 Year Term$73$57$271$194$534$381
55Whole Life$297$231$1,089$715$2057$1,331
6010 Year Term$32$25$122$83$226$151
6020 Year Term$60$41$235$158$456$304
60Whole Life$384$300$1,464$996$2712$1,812
6510 Year Term$57$37$220$136$409$254
6520 Year Term$108$72$457$298$865$556
7010 Year Term$96$63$373$241$705$445
7020 Year Term$207$172$848$682$1,694$1,363
7510 Year Term$161$112$675$460$1,259$885
7520 Year Term$280$215$1,254$871$2,487$1,659


The life insurance rates below display monthly premiums for smokers who are otherwise in excellent health.

AgePolicy Type$100,000 Male$100,000 Female$500,000 Male$500,000 Female$1,000,000 Male$1,000,000 Female
2510 Year Term$17$15$50$38$85$67
2520 Year Term$19$15$66$54$125$98
2530 Year Term$26$19$97$67$187$127
25Whole Life$152$120$528$432$1,000$784
3010 Year Term$17$15$52$40$86$72
3020 Year Term$20$17$72$58$136$104
3030 Year Term$29$22$115$85$218$160
30Whole Life$160$136$576$464$1,088$832
3510 Year Term$20$18$56$46$98$82
3520 Year Term$26$22$88$73$170$130
3530 Year Term$35$28$145$104$275$202
35Whole Life$208$176$704$584$1,360$1,040
4010 Year Term$26$23$81$65$146$119
4020 Year Term$37$33$133$105$249$201
4030 Year Term$52$41$216$156$425$299
40Whole Life$296$264$1,064$840$1,992$1,608
4510 Year Term$34$30$132$99$240$181
4520 Year Term$53$44$209$163$407$312
4530 Year Term$84$62$347$249$687$482
45Whole Life$424$352$1,672$1,304$3,256$2,496
5010 Year Term$50$41$198$149$355$274
5020 Year Term$80$62$327$239$622$459
5030 Year Term$116$94$530$398$1,050$775
50Whole Life$660$550$2,783$2,156$5,269$4,059
5510 Year Term$75$58$309$212$536$398
5520 Year Term$122$90$514$363$1,001$698
5530 Year TermN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
55Whole Life$1,023$770$4,213$3223$8,261$6,061
6010 Year Term$118$85$477$326$854$612
6020 Year Term$174$135$767$547$1,451$1,085
60Whole Life$1,416$1,020$5,724$3,912$10,248$7,344
6510 Year Term$173$130$762$491$1,426$945
6520 Year Term$324$259$1,302$1,033$2,485$1,969
7010 Year Term$286$186$1,167$725$2,327$1,414
7020 Year TermN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
7510 Year Term$475$312$1,958$1,186$3,681$2,312
7520 Year TermN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
8010 Year Term$979$711$4,724$3,262$9,035$6,475
8020 Year TermN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Rates for Smokers

For smokers who may not be able to find affordable life insurance coverage with traditional term and permanent life insurance policies, guaranteed issue life insurance may be the best option.

Guaranteed issue life insurance is guaranteed to be issued, as the name implies. This means that regardless of the applicant’s health, they can obtain coverage with no medical examination or medical questions necessary. These types of policies are permanent – they offer life insurance for life.

This type of life insurance is provided in small face amounts, which are usually below $50,000, with a few companies such as United Home Life offering guaranteed issue life insurance coverage up to $100,000.

Due to the inherent risk of people who apply for this type of policy, and the fact that payouts are inevitable, guaranteed issue policies have higher premiums per $1,000 of coverage than traditional life insurance coverage.

However, smokers can easily find affordable guaranteed issue coverage fairly easily.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance Rates for E-cigarette Smokers

The table below displays guaranteed issue life insurance rates for smokers, on a monthly basis.

Age$5,000 Male$5,000 Female$10,000 Male$10,000 Female$25,000 Male$25,000 Female$40,000 Male$40,000 Female

As you can see, these policies offer small amounts of life insurance coverage for smokers who may be in poor health, or who are living out their senior years.

Due to the high cost per $1,000 of insurance, guaranteed issue life insurance policies are typically only recommended for smokers who have health conditions that affect rates in a negative way, or for smokers who are too old to obtain affordable term life insurance coverage.

Finding the Best Life Insurance Coverage for E-cigarette Smokers

When it comes to finding the best life insurance rates, policies and companies for e-cigarette smokers, we recommend speaking with an expert.

The resources on the internet can be very helpful, but do not account for individual factors that can also affect your life insurance rates. In order to get rates that are tailored specifically to your needs, speaking with an expert is the best way to go.

Our independent life insurance agents work with dozens of the best life insurance companies on the market in order to help our clients find the best life insurance policy for them and their family.

Give us a call today in order to speak with an agent who can help explain all of your options to you and help answer any questions regarding life insurance for e-cigarette smokers you may have.

Or, get started online, using our life insurance quote tool for quick and easy life insurance rate comparisons for smokers.

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